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Amendments to 335.01

The 2022 Florida Statutes

Title XXVI
Chapter 335
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F.S. 335.01 Florida Statutes and Case Law
335.01 Designation and systemization of public roads.
(1) All roads which are open and available for use by the public and dedicated to the public use, according to law or by prescription, are hereby declared to be, and are established as, public roads.
(2) Public roads shall be divided into four systems:
(a) The State Highway System;
(b) The State Park Road System;
(c) The county road system; and
(d) The city street system.
History.s. 25, ch. 29965, 1955; s. 6, ch. 77-165; s. 31, ch. 84-309.

Statutes updated from Official Statutes on: August 29, 2022
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Amendments to 335.01

Arrestable Offenses / Crimes under Fla. Stat. 335.01
Level: Degree
Misdemeanor/Felony: First/Second/Third

Current data shows no reason an arrest or criminal charge should have occurred directly under Florida Statute 335.01.

Civil Citations / Citable Offenses under S335.01
R or S next to points is Mandatory Revocation or Suspension

Current data shows no reason a civil citation or a suspension or revocation of license should have been issued under Florida Statute 335.01.

Annotations, Discussions, Cases:

  1. Raceway Video v. Bd. of Zoning Appeals

    118 Ohio App. 3d 264 (Ohio Ct. App. 1997)   Cited 12 times
    In the first issue, we determine whether the trial court erred in finding that residential districts in Lakewood are not to be considered when determining whether a proposed adult entertainment use violates C.C.O. 347.07(b)(1). C.C.O. 347.07(b)(1) provides that no adult entertainment use shall be established within one thousand feet of a residence district. C.C.O. 335.02 defines "Residence Districts" as "any one or all of the first six use districts enumerated in Section 335.01." C.C.O. 335.01 provides:
    PAGE 270
  2. AGO

    81-03 (Ops. Fla. Atty. Gen. Feb. 3, 1981)
    Section 6 of ch. 77-165, Laws of Florida (s. 335.01, F.S. 1979, entitled by the Legislature: Designation and systemization of public roads), `designated and declared to be, and . . . established as public roads' (emphasis supplied) all roads open to travel by the public generally and dedicated to the public use, and roads which are constructed out of public funds and dedicated for general public usage. Section 335.01( 2), F.S. 1979, divides the `public roads' into four systems (formerly divided into classes): the state highway system, the state park road system, the county road systems and the city street systems. Pursuant to s. 335.02(1), F.S., the department continues to possess the authority to designate `roads' as state roads in the state highway system. The amendment of s. 335.02 by s. 2 of ch. 77-416, Laws of Florida, which added subsection (3), speaks prospectively and does not appear to have any effect upon the legislative intent in the enactment of s. 335.04, F.S., as amended. Neither chs. 77-165 and 77-416, Laws of Florida, nor ch. 78-285, Laws of Florida, in amending s. 335.04, contain any reference to state roads or the state highway system or any of…
  3. Lakewood v. Hartman

    86 Ohio St. 3d 275 (Ohio 1999)   Cited 34 times
    After determining that the plea was voluntarily and knowingly made, the court accepted Hartman's plea of no contest to the amended charge of DWOL in violation of Lakewood Codified Ordinances 335.01. This charge is a first degree misdemeanor with a maximum penalty of a $1,000 fine and up to six months in jail.
    PAGE 276
  4. Rasheed-El v. Ohio

    CASE NO. 1:18-CV-614 (N.D. Ohio Apr. 30, 2018)
    Plaintiff claims that his Complaint alleges a violation of the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act ("FDCPA"). 15 U.S.C. §§ 1692, et seq. His claim stems from a traffic violation. On January 3, 2017, Plaintiff pleaded no contest to driving without a valid license, a violation of Lorain County Ordinance § 335.01. The Lorain Municipal Court sentenced Plaintiff to a fine of $150.00. See Case. No. 2013TRD01820. Plaintiff argues that the Lorain Municipal Court violated the FDCPA by engaging in illegal debt collection practices to collect his fine. Mot. 1-2. However, the FDCPA does not cover fines owed to municipalities for traffic violations. 15 U.S.C. § 1692b. Thus, Plaintiff cannot state a claim for a violation of the FDCPA. Accordingly, his Motion is DENIED.
    PAGE 2
  5. City of Mt. Vernon v. Young

    2006 Ohio 3319 (Ohio Ct. App. 2006)
    {¶ 2} On August 8, 2005, Patrolman Weiser was again on routine patrol in a marked cruiser, this time heading East on Coshocton Avenue in the City of Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio. Patrolman Weiser passed an automobile going in the opposite direction which appeared to have homemade license plates on it. Patrolman Weiser turned around, caught up with the automobile, and stopped the driver. The driver of the automobile was appellant. Mr. Young again stated that he was a Sovereign Citizen exercising his constitutionally protected right of free travel, and that he therefore was not required to have a valid Ohio driver's license or current license plates. The appellant provided certified copies of a document entitled Act of State Declaration of Status to Patrolman Weiser, which purported to proclaim his status as a Sovereign Citizen, and acted as identification. Patrolman Weiser cited Mr. Young with violating Sections 335.01 (Driver's License or Commercial Driver's License Required) and 335.11 (Use of Unauthorized Plates) of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Mount Vernon, Ohio, and confiscated the Act of State Declaration of Status and homemade plates as evidence…
  6. Johnstown v. Tullos

    63 Ohio Misc. 2d 155 (Ohio Misc. 1993)   Cited 1 times
    This case is before the court on appeal de novo from the Mayor's Court of the village of Johnstown, Ohio, filed pursuant to R.C. 1905.25. The defendant, Angie C. Tullos, was cited on October 23, 1992, by Chief Dotson of the Johnstown Police Department for a violation of Section 331.08 of the Johnstown Codified Ordinances and a violation of Section 335.01 of the Johnstown Codified Ordinances. The reports attached to the case indicate the defendant was accused of making a right turn into a private drive from the left-turn lane and operating her motor vehicle with an expired operator's license. The records of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles indicate that the defendant's license expired August 6, 1992.
    PAGE 156
  7. Long v. Allen

    Case No.: 1: 17 CV 375 (N.D. Ohio Jun. 21, 2017)
    He alleges Patrolman Penhollen improperly stopped his vehicle without probable cause while he was driving in Cleveland Heights on July 7, 2015. When he refused to give Patrolman Penhollow his license, registration, and proof of insurance as requested, Patrolman Penhollow threatened to pull him out of the car and beat him with his club. (Id. at 2.) Plaintiff asked Penhollow to call his supervisor. Sargeant Lenadr arrived on the scene and asked the plaintiff to provide the same information, but again the plaintiff refused. The plaintiff was then ticketed for violations of ORD 335.01 (no driver's license); 335.07(A); and 335.072, which he contends "applied to transportation or commercial operators only," and he was told he was free to leave. (Id. at 3.)
    PAGE 2
  8. State v. Rini

    2020 Ohio 4827 (Ohio Ct. App. 2020)
    {¶2} On October 24, 2019, Officer Lionel Woods observed a silver Ford van travelling southbound on North Lisbon Street in the Village of Carrollton, Carroll County. Officer Woods noticed that the vehicle's registration sticker and county sticker was obscured by a license plate holder. Officer Woods called dispatch and learned that the vehicle's registration and the owner's driver's license had both expired. Officer Woods initiated a traffic stop of the vehicle, which was driven by Appellant. Officer Woods cited Appellant for driving without a driver's license, an unclassified misdemeanor in violation of Village of Carrollton Code Section 335.01(A)(1), and for driving with an expired license plate, a minor misdemeanor in violation of Village of Carrollton Code Section 335.10.
    PAGE 2
  9. Jones v. Gasser

    2011 Ohio 288 (Ohio Ct. App. 2011)
    {¶ 3} On May 26, 2009, petitioner entered a guilty plea in Toledo Municipal Court to one count of driving without a valid operator's license, in violation of Toledo Municipal Code 335.01(A)(1). (Case No. TRD-08-34177-0103) That same day, the trial court imposed a six-month sentence, which was suspended pending petitioner's successful completion of one year's probation on May 26, 2010.
    PAGE 2