Drug Possession Lawyer Jacksonville

Florida Drug Crime Law governs posession of most controlled substances under Florida law.

Real Case Example - The Overzealous Officer

D.B. was arrested for sale of a controlled substance within 1000 feet of a church when he passed marijuana to a friend while sitting in a pickup truck. The officer pulled up behind them and blocked the truck, running upon them and seizing one ounce of marijuana and $400.00 in cash. The friend hired a well known Jacksonville lawyer who was trying to negotiate three years of probation for his client while Graham filed a Motion to Dismiss. Case was dismissed for both D.B. and the friend, who had just had his attorney tell him to settle.

Real Case Example - The Gracious Nurse

P.G., a registered nurse, noticed that her manager at the residential nursing home was out to get her and subsequently was arrested for possession of a controlled substance and distribution of a controlled substance when she walked a prescription from one resident to another. Case dismissed.

Real Case Example - Undercover Sale

K.G. was caught on camera of undercover confidential informant exchanging what was purported to be pills of MDMA. Cash and exchange were caught on hidden surveillance camera. After some discovery violations, case dismissed.