DUI Defense Lawyer

Punishment for DUI is goverened by Section 316.193 Florida Statutes.

A DUI conviction means facing license suspension, within 10 days if you do not act quickly. Call Graham today for a DUI consultation.

Real Case Example - July 5th Stripes

D.B. was arrested for DUI in the Riverside area and blows a .13 bac. The officer claimed that the reason he stopped him was for not remaining in his lane. Graham filed a Motion to Dismiss noting that Riverside does not have broken or unbroken lines on the street which would necessitate him staying in his lane. First DUI dismissed.

Real Case Example - Too Slow This Time

E.P. was arrested for DUI in the Riverside area of Jacksonville, FL. The officer claimed that she was travelling 39 miles per hour in a 30 mile per hour zone. Review of the DUI video and time stamps showed that it was nearly impossible for her to have been travelling over the speed limit at the time the officer would have initiated his radar gun.

Real Case Example - Dry Reckless with Damage

E.P. was involved in a three vehicle accident with a B.A.C. of .18 while driving on a suspended license. E.P. fulfilled all the required sentence of a DUI except for being placed on probation while Mr. Syfert filed Motion's to Dismiss and to Suppress evidence. The state agreed to drop the DUI to a reckless driving. E.P. was sentenced to 6 months of probation.

Real Case Example - Three or Four, no matter

P.O. was arrested for what the state was saying was his fourth DUI carrying with it a mandatory jail sentence. Convinced the state that it was the Third DUI. Case plead.