White Collar Crime

If blue collar crimes are public intoxication and fighting, white collar crimes include fraud and embezzling. Often these are not as glamorous as getting away with millions of dollars. Sometimes, just a little bit of fraud is enough to draw the ire of someone who is out to get you. Simplicity- if you obtain money from a bank by lying, you are likely being charged with bank fraud. If you are trading stocks on insider information, or selling stocks to multiple investors outside of a closely held corporation, you can be charged with securities fraud.

Obtaining money or deposit credit from a bank by knowingly passing them a worthless check is bank fraud. Do that with a check worth over $150.00 and it is Florida bank fraud. Identity theft differs under the circumstances, and is controlled by 817.568 (Florida identity theft) and 817.02 for falsely presenting ones-self. Healthcare fraud is a common charge for innocent doctors who are trying to make a living. 18 U.S.C. s. 1347. If you used your sister's insurance, you would be committing insurance fraud.

Money laundering is illegal pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 1956 and a defendant needs to attempt to conduct a transaction with proceeds of unlawful activity, with one of four intents defined by the code. Counterfeiting is the unlawful printing of currency.